[Webtest] webtest and your project's "dev tools"

Bill Milbratz webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 5 Apr 2004 17:09:10 -0500


warning. this is a fairly basic admin issue:

I wanted to double check on the best practice for keeping a projects's
webtest .jar's up to date.

We keep our "developer tools" (ant, xalan, etc), in a 'devtools' directory
checked into cvs...i.e. so project members can easily new or changed tools
in one shot.

With ant and xalan and such we simply download a new version whenever a new
major release or a fix comes out (every six months or so), ant put the
jars/bins/etc. in a separate directory for
projects/devtools/apache_ant/ant_1.5, projects/devtools/apache_ant/ant_1.6,

With Webtest the same approach would work, except I'd have a directory for
build379, build380,..build430, etc. i.e. lots of directories looks like it
would be hard to administer. It's not obvious which builds I need to get and
which I should wait on (i.e. major vs. minor).

so...how does everyone update and distribute webtest in a multi-developer


bill milbratz