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Tue, 06 Apr 2004 21:22:31 +0000

Thanks, Etienne, I'll give it a try.
-- Lisa

> Hi Lisa
> Testing PDF documents works with invoke as well as with clicklink.
> See example below using clicklink.
> Best regards, Etienne
> <invoke
>   stepid="Go to overview page"
>   url="index.html"/>
> <clicklink
>   label="PDF Doku A"/>
> <verifyPdfTitle
>   title="TestDokuA"/>
> <previousresponse stepid="Go back to overview page"/>
> <clicklink
>   label="PDF Doku B"/>
> <decryptPdfDocument
>   password="mymaster"/>
> <verifyPdfTitle
>   title="TestDokuB"/>
> Hello,
> The new PDF support is really swell!  We're making good use of it.  Thank
> you for providing this immensely useful functionality!
> I have a question which I hope isn't too dumb.  Before the PDF support was
> introduced, I just did a clicklink on the link to get the PDF, I couldn't
> check it so I just used previousresponse to go back, but I could see the PDF
> documents in the result folder.
> So I was doing something like this:
> 	 <clicklink stepid="Click adoption agreement"
> 		label="Plan Adoption Agreement"/>
> Now, I use the invoke to get the PDF doc via the URL, which works fine.  The
> clicklink doesn't appear to bring up the correct PDF anymore.  If I have one
> invoke in my test, the clicklink will just keep bringing up the same PDF
> file as invoked via the URL, no matter what link it's clicking on.  If I
> don't have any invoke for the PDF URL, I don't get errors but it doesn't
> save the PDF docs at all, so I imagine it isn't even bringing them up.  In
> fact, my server sends me the same sort of errors I would get if I clicked a
> link in a real session and then hit the stop button on the PDF popup without
> letting it finish rendering.
> So the dumb part of this question is, by invoking the PDF via the URL, how
> can I be sure that when a user clicks on the link on the page to get to the
> URL, they will get the correct PDF document?  Is there any way to do this
> via the clicklink instead of the invoke?
> Many thanks,
> Lisa
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