[Webtest] WebTest and CruiseControl

Van Quakebeke, Joseph (Mission Systems) webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 8 Apr 2004 05:32:02 -0700

> Also, I'm wondering if we should really run these tests after 
> every build, or would it be best to do it only on the nightly 
> build, since they aren't that fast.  The programmers like the 
> safety net of running them every build, particularly as we 
> don't have many unit tests yet.  
> Does anyone using CruiseControl have any helpful hints for us?
> thanks,
> Lisa

We have unit tests that are run hourly and run the webtests on the nightly build.  That way we get the best of both worlds. We use JUnit and cactus for our unit tests.