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Hi Jeannie,
I'll be very interested to see the responses.  We're trying Canoo, but we'll be evaluating it down the road a bit to see if it's doing the job we want.  And there are so many other tools, it really is overwhelming.

I assume you mean test tools that work thru the GUI or at least the HTTP, as opposed to something like Fit or FitNesse which is behind the UI and requires writing fixtures.

I used a tool called WebART (www.oclc.org/webart) for years with great success, it's an HTTP based tool with capture/replay but really requires scripting, it's very powerful and also includes a load testing tool and a link checker.  You can get by without buying it by downloading eval copies, but it only costs $800 (OCLC is a non-profit).  The down side is that it has a C type scripting language that, while easy to learn, is just another language to have to learn.  The only reason I'm not using it now (and I might try it again) is that I need the programmers to help me automate and I know they'll whine about having to learn something totally new, whereas they like Canoo because they understand it right away.

-- Lisa

> Hello out there,
> 	I hope you Canoo guys don't take offense to this question, because I
> think Canoo is great, but it doesn't seem to be matching my needs.   I went
> to Google and searched for webtesting tools and was completely overwhelmed,
> so I figured I might broach the subject here:   
> Can anyone enlighten me on other webtesting tools they have used and your
> opinion on them?
> I was hired to create Canoo scripts, but I don't think the IS managers
> realized the intricacies and constraints of Canoo and I have an audit
> tomorrow and along with my excuses on why I haven't met project deadlines I
> would really like to offer up another solution.
> So it looks like my canoo is filling with water, ready to sink.   Does
> anyone have a bucket?
> Thanks,
> Jeannie
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