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Does this tool also work on Linux oder MacOS?


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You may also take a look at enterprise web test... it's good for testers
who like to work with Java, Junit, and the actual browser.  Your tests
are written in Java within junit.  Enterprise web test just provides an
simple Java API to the Internet Explorer browser, which allows you to
write tests against the actual UI (which means full javascript support).
It's really easy to use within IDEs like IntelliJ and Eclipse, just
right click the junit test and say run...the browser pops up and your
tests are executed...can't get any simpler than that.




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Hello out there,

	I hope you Canoo guys don't take offense to this question,
because I
think Canoo is great, but it doesn't seem to be matching my needs.   I
to Google and searched for webtesting tools and was completely
so I figured I might broach the subject here:   

Can anyone enlighten me on other webtesting tools they have used and
your opinion on them?

I was hired to create Canoo scripts, but I don't think the IS managers
realized the intricacies and constraints of Canoo and I have an audit
tomorrow and along with my excuses on why I haven't met project
deadlines I would really like to offer up another solution.

So it looks like my canoo is filling with water, ready to sink.   Does
anyone have a bucket?

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