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Aatish Arora webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 9 Apr 2004 05:49:16 -0700 (PDT)

Well i have some good news and some bad news for u :)
good news is that I think I might just have a solution
for ur *if statement* problem. 
Bad news is you/someone else might have to figure out
how to apply it.

Way back marc guillemot had posted some patches.
Unfortunately i couldnt make much use of it as i
changed jobs - and now im working on a swing

Miss working on canoo though - there isnt anything
similar for swing apps :( - which is also why i filter
my mails to a seperate folder and check it up on
holidays :D

If you or someone else is still looking for it - let
me know.

sorry wasnt of any help earlier,

PS: ill try and reply to ur earlier mail for diff
tools too - i happen to know some of them.

--- Jeannie Graham <Jgraham@arrowheadgrp.com> wrote:
> Thanks Etienne...
> I know, I was loving "Canoo" (hee, hee, hee)!   Up
> until the point when my
> dynamic fields and dependent pages just got out of
> hand.  And without an IF
> statement, I just cannot consider it further - which
> is a shame, since I
> already spent two months creating scripts with it. 
> And the most frustrating
> part is that someone has sent in that code,
> "Enhancements to WebTest" by
> stephen peterson, dated Mar, 4, 2003, but I cannot
> access it (I tried the
> .b64 trick and it didn't work).
> And yes, I know about the Custom Step feature, but I
> am NOT a good enough
> Java programmer to tackle that.   I have been
> studying Java in hopes of
> becoming better, but unfortunately, not in time to
> pass this audit.
> Thanks for the response,
> Jeannie
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> Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 12:21 PM
> To: webtest@lists.canoo.com
> Subject: RE: [Webtest] other web testing tools
> Hi Jeannie
> Wow. That's tough: an audit on Good Friday!
> I think it's great to have so many different web
> testing tools, too. It
> enables everyone to find the tool that fits his
> needs, depending on what he
> wants to test, how he wants to describe the tests,
> and how he wants to run
> the tests.
> Every tool has intricacies and constraints and in my
> opinion the important
> thing about it is what can be done against them: in
> webtest, one can browse
> the source-code, read the docs, study the examples,
> execute the selftests,
> etc. This should give a pretty good picture of how
> webtest works and how it
> can be used. Many constraints can be tackled through
> your own webtest
> extensions (e.g. custom steps) which are very easy
> to write and which
> integrate well into the framework.
> I dont't have a bucket for you. If you need one,
> perhaps, webtest is the
> wrong tool for your needs.
> Best regards, Etienne
> P.S. The name of the testing tool is 'webtest'.
> 'Canoo' is the name of the
> company.
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> Subject: [Webtest] other web testing tools
> Hello out there,
> 	I hope you Canoo guys don't take offense to this
> question, because I
> think Canoo is great, but it doesn't seem to be
> matching my needs.   I went
> to Google and searched for webtesting tools and was
> completely overwhelmed,
> so I figured I might broach the subject here:
> Can anyone enlighten me on other webtesting tools
> they have used and your
> opinion on them?
> I was hired to create Canoo scripts, but I don't
> think the IS managers
> realized the intricacies and constraints of Canoo
> and I have an audit
> tomorrow and along with my excuses on why I haven't
> met project deadlines I
> would really like to offer up another solution.
> So it looks like my canoo is filling with water,
> ready to sink.   Does
> anyone have a bucket?
> Thanks,
> Jeannie
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