AW: [Webtest] did context of html response change from build 423 to 441?

Stephane Ruffieux
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 09:09:55 +0200


It was a change in build 425 with the way how clicklink are implemented.
This change modify the frame hierarchy.

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Betreff: [Webtest] did context of html response change from build 423 to

Some of my canoo scripts started failing recently.
These scripts were working when I first started using
canoo about a month ago. Recently they started
failing. The scripts are now working since I added a
number of followframe tags.

The site being tested uses framesets. About a month
ago once one followframe was used to get inside a
frame, as long as the responses being tested were
inside the same frame, everything was fine.

The change is that after the first followframe and
page requests seemed to return the parent frameset.
This requires the use of additional followframe cmds
to put the context inside the frame before using any
other command.

I started with build 423 and am now using 441. Any

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