[Webtest] Problem with invoke test step

webtest@lists.canoo.com webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 10:15:58 +0200

hi all,
I would like to test a web application but i can't load the first page.

The invoke step doesn't print any error but it loads a blank page for last
result and I can't test anything in the next test step.
I don't understand what is the matter with this page...

I hope somebody will be able to help me, Lezoul

First page code :
<!-- Sample HTML file --> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0
<%@ page import="com.yc.frmwrk.*" %>
<%@ page session="true" isThreadSafe="true" isErrorPage="false" %>
<%@ page errorPage="/error.jsp" %>

	<META http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css">

<FRAMESET cols="10,*" frameborder="NO" border="0" >

    <FRAME src="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/left.jsp" scrolling="NO"
marginwidth="2" marginheight="2" name="left" >

    <FRAMESET rows="60,*" frameborder="NO" border="0">
      <FRAME src="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/head.jsp" scrolling="NO"
marginwidth="2" marginheight="2" name="head" noresize>
marginwidth="3" marginheight="3" name="center" scrolling="AUTO">
      <BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
         <P>Browser Error</P>


Result of the step in the xml summary
    <parameter name="save" value="acceuilYcebt"/>
    <parameter name="stepId" value="chargement formulaire principal"/>
    <parameter name="resultfilename" value="acceuilYcebt1082726730384.html"/>
    <parameter name="url" value="Ycebt/Connecteur"/>
    <parameter name="stepType" value="invoke"/>
        <completed duration="270"/>

Result of invoke step (with a good URL (: ) :
NOTHING neiter text nor a simple <HTML> element