[Webtest] cvs access with eclipse

ilfrin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 13:39:43 +0200


willing to resolve the problem I checked out the module using linux,
then copied it to my win32 platform to my eclipse workspace, shared
the project, eclipse recognized the project to be shered in the past
and connected it to gate.canoo.com .. but when I synchronize I get
nearly 500 outgoing changes .. as the repo was out of date with my
local copy, but when I compare sigles files they are identical
(version, contents).

any ideas??

On 27 kwietnia 2004, 13:01:21, you wrote:

i> Hi,

i>   I'm experiencing problem accessing the CVS by eclipse, when I do it
i>   using a command line client (standard for RedHat) i have no
i>   problems.. but when I configure my eclipse (M8, Win32) with all the
i>   given parameters as login, pass and port .. I connect correctly but
i>   the HEAD (as well as other) is empty, when I click on the plus sign
i>   to unwind the tree of the head I get a "pending..." notification and
i>   then the plus sign disappears and no tree is available .. the same
i>   happened about a month ago when I did the same using eclipse M7...

i>   I have no idea what the cause might be

i>   any suggestions??

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