[Webtest] Re: OutOfMemoryExecption

Renato Gasparelli Cavalcante webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 28 Apr 2004 13:48:06 -0300

I just define the tasks once. In fact, i have just one build.xml, 
automatically generated, containing one webtest task and 6000 webtest 
steps.  That's wy I want to know if there is a limit in number of steps 
in a given webtest task.

Marc Guillemot wrote:

> Do you have a global definition of the webtest ant tasks used once or 
> do you define them again in each test? We have no OutOfMemoryExecption 
> problems since we load the webtest ant tasks only once. We currently 
> run ~100 tests without problem.
> Marc.
> Renato Gasparelli Cavalcante wrote:
>>    hi
>>    I have a test scenario that always fails reporting a 
>> OutOfMemoryExecption, i set the "ANT_OPTS" with "-Xmx1024M" but the 
>> problem continues, can some one help me?
>> ps: webtest use "dom" or "sax" jar ?
>> ps2: there is a maximum number of steps suggested in a webtest scenario?
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