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My Dear,
I am Basil Ndenkala , I am the Son of Mr.Cisse Nkizela Ndenkala he was brut=
ally murdered on the 26th 0f April 1994 following the killing of President =
Juvenal Habyarimana a Hutu on the 6th of April 1994, it is widely believed =
that the killing was perpetuated by President Paul Kagame who was then the =
 Tutsi=92s led RPF Leader , until my Father's
death, he was the owner and chief executive officer HENS & MAG PET
INCORP.licenced (1991/007140/06) under the Rwanda Trade and Chambers

My Father was an Oil Magnate in joint Petroleum and Gas Exploration with
Energy Africa Holdings Limited Kigali (Rwanda), and contractor to
several Domestic and Multinational Oil Firms operating in Gabon and
Equatorial Guinea, with several Oil Blocks/field and licenses in
Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

Prior to his death my Father was awarded a contract in Kigali for the suppl=
y Bitumen on the Construction of the road leading from the Stadium to the N=
ational Airport.

  The Contract was at the verge of completion when my Father was murdered d=
uring the civil that erupted from the Hutu-Tutsi ethnic crisis in 1994.

My Father was from the Hutu Province and a member of the ruling
Democratic Party, he was awarded the contract based on the policy of
equal distribution of stake holding adopted by the National Assembly,
grossly dominated by the Tutsi representatives, however upon his
death and Mr Paul Kagame becoming President, the contract initially extende=
d to include the supply of Sports equipments at the newly completed stadium=
, all licenses and the contract sums from subsequent executed domestic cont=
racts (Supply of Electioneering materials prior to the Election which degen=
erated to the War), were withdrawn/ revoked and suspended based on the ethn=
ic divide considering that the President Mr Paul Kagame is a Tutsi and my L=
ate Father a Hutu.

Considering the murder of my Father, the brutal killings taking place all a=
round the cities of Rwanda committed by Tutsi=92s and the rising spate of t=
he genocide, my Mother and I had to flee to the Netherlands where we could =
be guaranteed safety based on the location of the International Court of Ju=
stice in The Hague here in the Netherlands.

When the civil War ended, Friends of my Late Father had to secure the servi=
ces of our Family Lawyer and other sympathizers to pressurize the Governmen=
t at releasing my Late Father's legally earned money from the Contracts exe=
cuted before the Civil War, which amounts to the sum of US3.8Million, the G=
overnment of President Paul Kagame had reluctantly and defiantly refused to=
 release the money to us claiming that the Government was still recovering =
economically from the War as such was not financially buoyant to pay the de=
bt, however with the International focus on the Government of President Pau=
l Kagame prior to the decade commemoration of the genocide in Rwanda, my Fa=
ther=92s total money was released to my Father=92s Lawyer, we immediately u=
rged the National Bank of Rwanda to transfer the money to a Finance Bank in=
 the Netherlands where we have now been granted Political Asylum by the Net=
herlands Government.

However our residential Asylum status will not allow us have such
large sum of money in our Bank account.
We cannot now declare to the immigrations here in Holland that we have such=
 large amount of money, and there is the suspicion that if we seek help fro=
m a Netherlands citizen, the Government might eventually know about it and =
our Asylum status will not only be terminated, the Laws of the Country will=
 not allow us own all such money considering our Asylum status, this is the=
 reason we are seeking your assistance.

We should have transferred the Money to your Country where it would have be=
en easier to have it lodged into your Bank account, but there was lot of ha=
ste and restrictions considering how we fled Rwanda in the wake of the civi=
l War upon my Late Father's Brutal Murder.

You may be aware that my Father was into petroleum services and contracting=
 and while we searched my Late Father books to provide our Lawyer with enab=
ling evidence and documents on previous Businesses we have been able to lay=
 our hands on all documents relevant to the release of my Father's money fr=
om our Country (Rwanda's National Bank) the documents has been forwarded to=
 Banking Company indicating that our money has arrived their custody, we sh=
all send all necessary documents to you, which they shall  endorse and send=
 back to my Lawyer.

I have decided to solicit for your assistance for two reasons:
1, To help me secure the release of the consignment to your safe Bank accou=
nt in your Country or a country of your choice considering that laws in the=
 Netherlands does not allow Asylum seekers own as money as we have.

2, For Possible Business investment in your establishment.

Please be informed that The Government is not aware we have transferred the=
 money to a Banking company in Europe, thus you shall not have to nurse any=
 fear of Government intervention, it is strictly between you, my Lawyer and=
 me and my Mother.

All information will be kept confidential, our Lawyer shall be in touch wit=
h you with updates of proceedings, we shall also inform the Banking/Finance=
 Company and formally introduce you to the Company as our Family Business P=
artner when you give us your consent, my Mother, lawyer and I have agreed t=
hat a negotiable 15% shall be offered to you as commission for assisting us=

I shall send documents of my Father licenses, including documents with whic=
h he did contracts in Rwanda and Equatorial Guinea, when you need them.

Please call me on my mobile telephone number 0031-627 270 050 or via my ema=
il address:
Remain blessed.
Basil Ndenkala=20=20