[Webtest] ERROR (Step.java:333) - Cannot handle unexpected exception

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Tue, 4 May 2004 09:30:19 +0200

Selon CF Wong <cf.wong@rogers.com>:

> Hi  Lezoul, I'm still having problem in running the first script. I have
> checked the installTest.xml and the config section contains the info as you
> suggested. 
> However, the new errror message is :
> c:\CanooWebTest\doc\samples>ant -buildfile installTest.xml
> Buildfile: installTest.xml
> checkANT:
> mayPrintANTError:
> checkWebTest:
>      [echo] base dir is c:\CanooWebTest\doc\samples
> c:\CanooWebTest\doc\samples\installTest.xml:10: Task must be of type "Step":
> inv
> oke at c:\CanooWebTest\doc\samples\installTest.xml:24:  is of type
> org.apache.to
> ols.ant.UnknownElement
> Total time: 1 second
> Best Regards,
> CF

Hi cf,
I think your computer is amazing :)
But maybe your problems come from too many modifications on the file.
Try the test with the original version of the test. Normally, you just have to
change the config adding the line : saveresponse="true".

That have worked for me and now i use Web test to make much complex tests
without any problems.

Good luke, Lezoul