[Webtest] If statement patch

Jeannie Graham webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 5 May 2004 09:54:46 -0700

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Hello everyone,

	Well, here it is!   I finally got the IF statement patch that Aatish
sent to work (endless thanks to Aatish for making it possible!).   First, I
had to make some tweaks to the files that Aatish sent me, IfStep.java and
IfWrapper.java.   I also had to tweak TestStepSequence.java.

Now, to add the patch and compile Canoo Webtest:
1).  Put both IfStep.java and IfWrapper.java into the WEBTESTHOME, extension
2).  Update your TestStepSequence.java file, which is in the WEBTESTHOME,
ant directory.   
3).  Update your webtestTaskdefs.props file, which is in the WEBTESTHOME
directory, with "iF=com.canoo.webtest.extension.IfStep".
4).  Build the build file to compile the changes, C:\WEBTESTHOME>ant.
5).  Copy the new webtest.jar file in the deployment/lib directory to the
main lib directory.

And now, you should be able to do an iF statement.   I am also including the
html file that Aatish sent me, showing the syntax of the iF statement.

Hope everyone enjoys,

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