[Webtest] Re: new window

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 13 May 2004 13:56:20 +0200

Hi Marc,

thanks for the verification.

For the moment, I'll go for the quick solution and handle
_blank specifically. I'll put the clean solution on the list
of possible benefits we would have for the move to htmlunit.


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> > I'm not absolutely sure, but it seems this behaviour was introduced
> > with the JavaScript support for clicklink.
> > Marc: could you please verify this?
> I guess that you're right.
> Before the change for js support, a fully new request was 
> performed and its result was cosdered as the current page. Now 
> we let httpunit "click" the link. In the case where a target is 
> set, it seems that httpunit doesn't update what is 
> considered as the current page.
> > Marc, all: do you have any idea how we can do this cleanly?
> The logic would be to consider as current window the one in which 
> the content of the just clicked link is shown (the one 
> you see on top when surfing with your prefered browser).
> The big problem according to my tests is httpunit behavior: when 
> calling click() on a link with target="_blank" for 
> instance, the returned WebResponse is the original one, not the 
> one called by the link.
> Once again: what about htmlunit? With htmlunit this works just 
> normally and the HtmlPage object has a method 
> getEnclosingWindow().
> Marc.