Re[2]: [Webtest] Wrong document title found! - BOM problem

Tue, 18 May 2004 12:16:51 +0200


I found what the problem was in my case, everything worked well
(setfields, verifytexts, clickbuttons, followframes) but the

the problem was the BOM (a character code U+FEFF at the beginning of a
data stream), which is visible e.g. with the WinCMD viewer set to
Plain Text as:

now .. it is present in some files, that have been edited e.g. with
ms notepad, it it's transparent to eclipse and editplus, but it causes
the verifytitle to fail, giving a "" title

I wonder if it isn't the webservers resposibility to filter those
characters but afaic tomcat doesn't have an option that would do the

any ideas?

On 17 maja 2004, 19:11:01, you wrote:

i> Hi CF,

i> On 17 maja 2004, 19:04:06, you wrote:

CW>> Hi, I have constructed a simple script to visit a webpage.
CW>> The command prompt window indicates that the page retrieved has
CW>> different title as expected. However, when I examined the
CW>> generated file, the <title> did contain the text as expected.
CW>> Could this be the parser problem?

i> I report the same problem, the page has a simple one word title and
i> the verifytitle fails, it retrieves a "" title,

i> my webtest checked out from CVS, so it should be fresh