Re[2]: [Webtest] Re: problem with verifylinks and followframe

Tue, 1 Jun 2004 15:52:04 +0200

Hi Mark,

sorry but the files I sent you wont work for you because the links are
to my local applikation .. I'm working on something for you ..

On 1 czerwca 2004, 15:25:32, you wrote:

i> Hi Marc,

i> On 1 czerwca 2004, 14:55:10, you wrote:

MG>> For me is invoke a workaroung but no clean solution. It
MG>> should work. Ilfrin, can you provide a minimal set of files 
MG>> where followframe followed by verifylinks fails? I'd like to
MG>> understand the problem and fix it.

i> sure thing place the frame*.html files somewhere and execute
i> the test (startpage.xml) (modify your config accordingly)