[Webtest] Re: problem with verifylinks and followframe

ilfrin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 2 Jun 2004 09:35:23 +0200

Hi Marc,

I understand, the problem is if I put a link to google or ibm there is
no crash, links to some pages that contain some javascript (my guess
is that it checkes wheather it is opened in the _top frame, and resets
the frames if not) make the verifylinks step produce en error if it
follows a follow frame step

that may the a problem with httpunit itself ...

if you'd like I can try extracting the problematic js for you, the one
which causes the step to crash

MG> your example is not simple enough: it contains link on a
MG> external page with javascript and I don't want to have to 
MG> understand the logic of these page. This is out of scope.

MG> What I'm interested in, is the *minimal* page or set of pages
MG> producing a crash with verifylinks. All reference to 
MG> external pages should be prohibited or if not possible, just
MG> simple pages without js like webtest's home page.


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