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Hi, answeres inline

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    I am doing some R&D work on Canoo web test tool. In that I have couple
of queries which are as follows.
If possible then give the answer of that queries with example.

Query 1: How can I create a property file and How can I use that property

-> just like you do with any ANT project. See the ANT doc for details.

Query 2: Is Data driven test possible using this tool? Suppose I want to
check the login page with different user id and
password then how can I do this?

-> Data driven testing is the main feature of Canoo WebTest.
   See the "samples" section on the website for details. (and the ANT doc)

Query 3: ActiveX component test is possible or not?

-> No. ActiveX component tests are outside the scope of Canoo WebTest.

Query 4: Is GUI testing possible using this tool? Eg. Suppose I want to
verify the look and feel of the Image then what should I do?

-> You can test against certain Html-constructs that you expect to appear on
the page or that you  don't want to appear. You need to find out what
determines the expected "look and feel".
(e.g. all pages use same stylesheets and no inline stlyes)

Thank you in advance.