[Webtest] dealing with frames again

ilfrin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 24 Jun 2004 14:04:10 +0200


  this time I don't get en error, I just don't know how to approach
  the subject

  I want to use webtest to periodically search a site for some things
  and perform some actions, I wanted to use HTMLUnit but since webtest
  scripts are easier to maintain for non-programmers then I wanted to
  give it a try

  the problem is that the site has frames, one frame is a menu and the
  other is the main frame, so to get to a certain page I have to click
  on the menu frame, I can't just directly call the address I need
  because the links in the menu frame are generated dynamically with
  some session-specific information so they're unique every time

  anyone knows what to try?

  again the problem is that I can't just follow any frame because to
  get to the page I want I have to use the menu frame, and if I
  followframe the menu frame then the clicklink opens a page that uses
  javascript to open the page I need in the main frame ..

  I just got an idea .. maybe I sould extract the dynamic address with
  storeregex and then use it to open the page with invoke .. ? hmmm I
  love to answer my own questions ...

  I'll post this anyway in case anybody finds this helpfull for
  his/her case ..


 ilfrin                          mailto:ilfrin@poczta.onet.pl