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Thanks, Scot.=20

In somewhat related problem, I can't seem to submit a form that should
append a name/value pair if the current GET query string already
contains the named tag with different values. Within the same page, I
can submit a form that can result a query string that contains multiple
occurrence of tags with different values using <setcheckbox> and
<clickbutton>. (the application I am testing displays multiple pages of
listing and the checkbox field values with the same name are appended to
the url for comparison form submission)=20

I have been using storeregex and storexpath whenever I run into problems
like these, but my test scripts are getting pretty ugly. I don't recall
such restriction on the specification of query string of uri.=20

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When I have this problem, I use the <invoke> step.

Then I append the form elements to the url, e.g.

you can use the regex to find the values of different form elements if
they are dynamic.  Don't forget about the hidden form elements if there
are any.

Does anybody have a better solution than this?  If so I would be
interested in the solution.

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I know that the values set via "setinputfield" are added to next request
when subsequently "clickbutton" is used. How can I mimic the behavior
for the clicklink?=20
Did anyone else have a similar problem?


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