[Webtest] required libs

ilfrin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 2 Jul 2004 15:08:58 +0200


  the jars.txt file says:

---- for build only

junit                   3.8.1
easymock        1.0
servlet                 2.3
clover                  1.2             (license only covers webtest itself!)

but when I remove e.g. clover or junit from the classpath I get an
error that a class needed by the task is missing ..

in case of clover I discovered one new thing when I moved the whole
script with the libs to a different machine: I get a

 [taskdef] ERROR: CLOVER: Unable to load coverage database.
 [taskdef] ERROR: CLOVER: No coverage data will be gathered.
 [taskdef] ERROR: CLOVER: java.io.FileNotFoundException
 [taskdef] ERROR: CLOVER: C:\tools\eclipse\workspace\webtest\clover\webtest_unit_coverage.db (System nie mo¬e odnalečŠ okrelonej cie¬ki)

 message, the script runs ok but the message appears in almost every
 target that the script excecutes ..

what sould I do with clover itself then .. and what with all the other
libs ? (the other can stay if they need to but this clover wants to
use some file with a fixed path .. )


 ilfrin                          mailto:ilfrin@poczta.onet.pl