[Webtest] unable to load coverage database

ilfrin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 5 Jul 2004 15:24:44 +0200


ok .. in case someone has a similar "problem" ;) when you build your
webtest.jar from CVS you shouldn't take the deploy/lib/webtest.jar but
the deploy/plain/webtest.jar :)

it's something I wasn't aware of until now ..

On 5 lipca 2004, 12:44:05, you wrote:

i> Hi,

i>   I'm posting the question again, nevermind the problem with unwanted
i>   libs, I'll let them be for now, but how to get rid of the

i>  [taskdef] ERROR: CLOVER: Unable to load coverage database.
i>  [taskdef] ERROR: CLOVER: No coverage data will be gathered.
i>  [taskdef] ERROR: CLOVER: java.io.FileNotFoundException
i>  [taskdef] ERROR: CLOVER:
i> C:\tools\eclipse\workspace\webtest\clover\webtest_unit_coverage.db
i> (System nie mo¬e odnalečŠ okrelonej cie¬ki)

i>   ??

i>   it happened when I moved the whole script to a new machine, why
i>   should I provide this file ? my script doesn't need it and I failed
i>   to find a way to make it stop yelling ..

i>   besides that the script runs fine.


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