[Webtest] Someone really attribute value of setcheckbox?

Lisa Crispin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 07 Jul 2004 16:27:34 +0000

Hi Marc,
I use it a fair amount.  So I hope you won't take it away, unless there is some alternative that will work for me.  Not being all that expert at WebTest, it's hard for me to say.  Is there something I could experiment with?

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> Hi, 
> does someone use the attribute "value" of the step? 
> I'm performing some cleanup/refactoring, and I'd like to remove this value 
> attribute. Indeed when surfing on a website 
> with a "normal" browser, we have no way to set the value of a checkbox. We can 
> check it or uncheck it but the value sent 
> to the server when submitting depends only from the html source code. 
> So, would someone be angry with me if I remove it? 
> Marc. 
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