[Webtest] Someone really attribute value of setcheckbox?

Tize Ma webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 7 Jul 2004 16:05:26 -0400

  We use it (the "value" of the checkbox) quite often. And our "value"s =
are not just true or on. I hope we keep the setcheckbox the way it is.

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Hi Marc,
I use it a fair amount.  So I hope you won't take it away, unless there =
is some alternative that will work for me.  Not being all that expert at =
WebTest, it's hard for me to say.  Is there something I could experiment =

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> Hi,=20
> does someone use the attribute "value" of the step?=20
> I'm performing some cleanup/refactoring, and I'd like to remove this =
> attribute. Indeed when surfing on a website=20
> with a "normal" browser, we have no way to set the value of a =
checkbox. We can=20
> check it or uncheck it but the value sent=20
> to the server when submitting depends only from the html source code.=20
> So, would someone be angry with me if I remove it?=20
> Marc.=20
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