[Webtest] Maven Canoo WebTest Plugin: Problems while creating a test summary report with Build 454

"Göschl,Siegfried" webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 21 Jul 2004 12:35:29 +0200

Hi Mittie,

> This is because test reports get appended to the existing report file. =

> As XML needs an enclosing root element, the Appender needs to parse 
> the old file <and add his content as the last child of the parsed 
> root. (Ok, a text-based append would also be possible and much =

IMHO the report writing error could be a bug because

+) I'm running a single test (a single ANT file with a single testspec)
+) I did not specify a result file to be used
+) The docs state for the resultfile parameter - "Defines a commonly used result file where test results are appended. This is useful to create summary reports for more than one testspec. An individual result file for each testspec is created if this parameter is not specified."

Therefore I never had a report file to be parsed and should never got a SAXParseException ... :-)

On the other hand defining an result file explicitely did the trick and the plugin now works like a charm.


Siegfried Goeschl