[Webtest] Paying my respect to the author(s) of WebTestReport.xsl

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Fri, 23 Jul 2004 09:27:12 +0200

Hi Siggi,

thanx for the praise.

I first developed the xsl for CS and then tried to make independent
of the organization. How did you find out? Only from the visual appearance
or have I left any trace of names?
A lot of folks helped in improving this style:
Carsten Seibert
Thomas Jetzler
Denis Antonioli
and the one that I just forgot to mention.

There is an improved version that I'm going to commit soon.
(fixed anchor error,
fixed omitting steps from the statistics that are in group steps)

Actually the xsl code has become pretty combersome and contains
too much duplication. Denis and I thought about writing some
WebTests to verify the xsl behaviour and then refactoring the xsl code.


P.S. I'd like to encourage every WebTest user to play around with the
style in order to adapt it to his organization's corporate style.
We experienced that this can make a huge difference in people's
"buy-in" to automated testing.

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Hi folks,

I had a look at the WebTestReport.xsl and it is simply amazing ... whoever
wrote it did a brilliant job (looks like Credit Suisse?!). Since I'm
currently working on the new Maven plugin for the latest release of Canoo
WebTest I dropped the existing JSL files and converted the WebTestReport.xsl
(= removing the JavaScript methods) to be used for the Maven Canoo WebTest


Siegfried Goeschl
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