[Webtest] Paying my respect to the author(s) of WebTestReport.xsl

Siegfried Göschl webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 10:42:26 +0200

Hi Mittie,

there are a  lot of traces regarding the included images and CSS .... 
and a few of the things sounded quite familiar (FrontNet). But there 
is some magic JavaScript missing to collapse the individual steps ... 

I also played around with the very latest build and I think there is 
still a memory leak.


Siegfried Goeschl

On 23 Jul 2004 at 9:27, Dierk Koenig wrote:

> Hi Siggi,
> thanx for the praise.
> I first developed the xsl for CS and then tried to make independent 
> the organization. How did you find out? Only from the visual
> appearance or have I left any trace of names? A lot of folks helped 
> improving this style: Carsten Seibert Thomas Jetzler Denis 
> and the one that I just forgot to mention.
> There is an improved version that I'm going to commit soon.
> (fixed anchor error,
> fixed omitting steps from the statistics that are in group steps)
> Actually the xsl code has become pretty combersome and contains
> too much duplication. Denis and I thought about writing some
> WebTests to verify the xsl behaviour and then refactoring the xsl
> code.
> cheers
> Mittie
> P.S. I'd like to encourage every WebTest user to play around with 
> style in order to adapt it to his organization's corporate style. 
> experienced that this can make a huge difference in people's "buy-
> to automated testing.
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> Hi folks,
> I had a look at the WebTestReport.xsl and it is simply amazing ...
> whoever wrote it did a brilliant job (looks like Credit Suisse?!).
> Since I'm currently working on the new Maven plugin for the latest
> release of Canoo WebTest I dropped the existing JSL files and
> converted the WebTestReport.xsl (= removing the JavaScript methods) 
> be used for the Maven Canoo WebTest Plugin.
> Cheers,
> Siegfried Goeschl
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