[Webtest] how does followframe work ?

Parker, Michael webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 07:16:09 +0200


every application starts with a frame in an entry.jsp like this:

<FRAMESET rows=3D"207, *, 1" frameborder=3D"no" marginwidth=3D"0" marginhei=
border=3D"0"  framespacing=3D"0" scrolling=3D"no">
 <FRAME src=3D'header.jsp?grafik...' name=3D"header" frameborder=3D"no"
marginwidth=3D"0" marginheight=3D"0" border=3D"0"  framespacing=3D"0"
vp0.jsp...' name=3D"formframe" frameborder=3D"no" marginwidth=3D"0"
marginheight=3D"0" border=3D"0"  framespacing=3D"0" scrolling=3D"auto">
 <FRAME src=3D"leer.html" name=3D"jvpms_hidden_frame">
 <FRAME src=3D"f_vtsbt.html;jsessionid=3DC27242FB9D092C16BF1D599D89DA25B1"
name=3D"VTSBT" >

In the past I could avoid using followframe by invoking directly the desired
"main"-frame (frame no. 2) like s_unv_vp0.jsp  in this example.

Because of some necessary initializing done in the entry.jsp now I need to
invoke entry.jsp.
After that I tried to do a=20

        <invoke stepid=3D"..."
          password=3D"${password}" />=20
          <followframe  name=3D"formframe"=20
             resultfilename=3D"Formframe" />=20

But canoo gives me a=20

com.canoo.webtest.engine.StepFailedException: Step "Ab in den Formframe"
(3/6) Frame not found with name: formframe available: [_top], Step:
FollowFrame at
46: with (resultfilename=3D"Formframe", name=3D"formframe",

Any help or

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