[Webtest] log4j posibilities in Webtest

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Tue, 27 Jul 2004 21:21:02 +0200


I am very new to Canoo Webtest, and I have a question about log4j and webtest. I
understood that in log4j you can set the logging to different levels, and
depending on these levels log to different outputs.

What I am specifically interested in is if I can say that a certain fault on my
website is considered a serious error and therefore it should send me an e-mail
about it. But all the other faults should just be logged in at htm-file, which
I can look at later on.

Is this possible to do with Webtest or do I have to go for JWebUnit or HttpUnit?
If so, can anybody give me some links which describe how to do this?

Espen Isaksen