[Webtest] user contributions / verifyimages

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Wed, 28 Jul 2004 10:32:33 +0200

All those who have no write access to the cvs but
still want to contribute can place their contributions
on the webtest community site:


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I've got one, it works for me, but no assurance on its robustness.
It's on my todo list to incorporate it in Webtest's distrib.

User written webtests are those in the package com.canoo.webtest.extension.


Luca Scheuring wrote:
> hello!
> I was looking for a "verifyimages" teststep for webtest and I found some
> posts in the mailinglist archive about this issue. obviously some people
> have written such teststeps. I also found a discussion about the problem
> what to do with such user contributions, wheter and how they should be
> included in the distribution (there was something about a "contrib"-dir).
> since I can't find any user written teststeps in the webtest cvs, here my
> question: is there a place where such contributions are collected? or can
> somebody mail me the verifyimages-code?
> thanx a lot!
> cheers, 
> luca
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