[Webtest] Re: Announcement: WebTest Result Viewer - alpha version

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 30 Jul 2004 21:01:22 +0200

Sure, the goal is to collect some feedback before putting it
in the distribution. I think this will take a few weeks.

The long-term goal is to provide other small gizmos like this
and bundle them to an application suite. The technology is perfekt for
doing this. Other gizmos may be:
- Click-O-Mat
  a MaxQ-like Recording Tool for WebTest.
  A first version is running but needs some spit'n polish before
  it can be released.
- WebTest Companion
  An editor that supports writing Webtests with showing
  "suites" as trees, test data as tables, refactors to modules,
  and helps using properties.
  (I have a first version of a throw-away ui-prototype)
- WebTest Runner
  like the IDE-plugins for JUnit.
  (no code for this, yet)
This would all run on the server in the same VM such that
the applications can share data and notifications.


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Hello Dierk

Looks good, compact and simple.
Would be this viewer a part of WebTest that we can use it as well?

Best regards

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> Hiall,
> I'm happy to announce the alpha version of the new
> interactive Canoo WebTest Result Viewer.
> You can try it out under
> http://webtest.canoo.com/testrunner/index.html
> The current installation enables exploring
> the latest Results of the Canoo WebTest Selftests, i.e.
> the WebTests that run against every new build
> of the Canoo WebTest project itself.
> Features:
> - pure server-side application.
>   No application-specific code downloaded.
> - Exploring WebTest Results interactively, even
>   large collections of Results.
> - Aggregation of multiple Result files.
>   The result dir is recursively processed.
> - TreeTable reflects directory structure of
>   files and the step structure within every
>   resultfile.
> - Filtering to see only failed steps can be
>   applied to every node in the tree.
> - Last Failure indication stays open while
>   browsing can proceed.
> This is a starting point an lots of important
> functionality is still missing.
> I'm happy about any kind of feedback.
> cheers
> MittieYzfj)b	b՞m7Xhm+-Ƨ(Ybا~y^