[Webtest] Announcement: WebTest Result Viewer - alpha version

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Mon, 2 Aug 2004 12:59:51 +0200

Hi Marc,

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> what will be the license?
> Webtest is open source. ULC is not. Therefore I see there a 
> possible conflict putting an ULC application in webtest.

WebTest is Open-Source and free of charge.
ULC is not.
The additional tools like the WebTest Result Viewer will have a
special handling in the "alpha release" phase:
- the code will not yet be available to the public
- Server-Side installations like the WebTest Result Viewer
  are installed with my personal deployment key.
- all this obeys the ULC License regulations.

In the beta release cycle, when users are able to install the
additional tools locally, I currently intend to:
- fully open the source of the additional tools
- not giving away my personal license but make users have
  their personal ulc evaluation license that can be
  downloaded from www.canoo.com/ulc 
  (free license, 30 days, renewable)
- this still obeys the ULC License regulations

I have not decided on the final release, yet.
The source will surely be open.
For the license, there are several options:
- same treatment like in the beta cycle,
- a split into commercial/private use
- a general free license to use with WebTest
  (if I can convince the ULC people to support
  our Open-Source effort in this respect)
We will see.