[Webtest] Re: Announcement: WebTest Result Viewer - alpha version

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 2 Aug 2004 12:59:59 +0200

Hi Kim,

thanx for your response.

> It looks great. At least for me, it would be very useful to see=20
> the saved html pages in one window.=20

Yes, this is one of the "important but still missing" features.
I guess we will see it in one of the next releases.

> What would the MaxQ-like recorder be like? Would it translate=20
> into XML test script?=20

Same usage like MaxQ (in fact our first version was based on it):
- works as proxy
- you set this proxy for use in your browser
- you click through your application
- Click-O-Mat produces an XML (better say: ANT) file that
  reflects you clicking.

> Would it be integrated with the editor?=20

The current plan is to develop the applications indepentendly
and then integrating them into one "suite" such that they can
share the same live data.

> I=20
> read about the Eclipse plug-in called Solex and it sounded pretty=20
> cool. http://solex.sourceforge.net/

Hm, I know this is a difficult pitch and sounds really silly, but:
even though I'm one of the authors of the Click-O-Mat I'm still
sure that record-replay doesn't pay off (maybe for some
technical testing but not for business acceptance testing).
Solex is a record-replay tool.
Click-O-Mat is a recording tool.
The difference is that with the Click-O-Mat it typically makes
no sense to just "replay" your recordings, since the
"verifications" are missing. A tool can only "suggest"
verfications but the business/testing expert has to choose what
"property" of the last page makes it a correct or faulty one.
You will see the difference when using it...

Anyway, Solex is cool in functionality and appearance.
Thanx for the link.

> And would these tools be Open Source like Webtest?

yes, as soon as we go into the beta release cycle.
> Anyway, thanks for all your work.

your welcome