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I like the recorder to help get started, especially for a newbie.  I don't think there is any danger of Canoo WebTest being mistaken for a capture/playback GUI test tool.  The documentation should emphasize the purpose of the recording tool - just a little help getting started and saving some time and tedium, not something to be relied on for creating tests.
-- Lisa

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Although you are right that a recorder is not the answer for true testing, I feel that tying a recorder to WebTest can give you the best of both worlds.  You start by recording your scripts.  You add an editor which shows the page and allows you to highlight the text that you want to verify.  You then edit the generated script to add the steps that you need that the recorder does not support.
The recorder is just a method to help you get started.  You still need to maintain your scripts that are generated.
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A word of caution for recording related stuff Mittie.
Although a recording does sound great and it does impress a lot of people - including the managers - it isnt quite the way to do test automation. And this will also be emphasized by almost all Test Papers available on the web.
A recording tool can almost never be as intelligent and as powerful your scripts can be.
...and defeats the basic aim of automation - to keep costs low cause you end up recording all the time and almost never can mantain a test suite with the same.

Dierk Koenig <dierk.koenig@canoo.com> wrote:
Sure, the goal is to collect some feedback before putting it
in the distribution. I think this will take a few weeks.

The long-term goal is to provide other small gizmos like this
and bundle them to an application suite. The technology is perfekt for
doing this. Other gizmos may be:
- Click-O-Mat
a MaxQ-like Recording Tool for WebTest.
A first version is running but needs some spit'n polish before
it can be released.

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