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Yes, I think we should have both. I would like to search and get the
patches from the community site rather than trying the just the right
key words to search through the mailing list. But at different phases of
the projects, I like getting emails regularly without having to go to
the community site.=20

I applied the <iF> patches from the email from Jeannie Graham. But I
don't know who actually wrote it or if the information in the email is
complete or the latest. I am willing to put the patch but don't know if
I am the right person for it.=20

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I can see posting the code on the community site but send a notice to
the mailing list.  This keeps the code out of the mailing list and saves
the space but at the same time, allows me to know that there are

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as I'm a committer and as I frequently answer questions in this mailing
list, I want to precise that I'm not in the "us"=20
of Dierk's statement.
I'm not totally against this community site. I think that the mailing
list is a better tool for discussion. I dislike having to go to a
website to see if something may have changed (old difference between
push and pull).


Dierk Koenig wrote:
> please send contributions and patches to=20
> http://webtest-community.canoo.com
> This enables us to
> - have a good overview
> - keep them uptodate
> - have them documented there
> - have more storage space
> - get around mail-zip-attachment problems
> cheers
> Mittie
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