[Webtest] Cookies and WebTest

Vishal Augustine webtest@lists.canoo.com
Thu, 5 Aug 2004 12:02:03 +0530

Thnx Mittie.

The login/password validation and cookie setting is done by one server
process running at port 80.

The server pages are hosted by another server process running at a
different port - 8080. This means I need to come up with two "testSpec"
having two different "config" sections. I read somewhere that each
testSpecs works independently, which means the cookie set in one won't be
valid in the other. Hence I was trying to explicitly set the cookie. I
tried initially "Cookie" not "Set-Cookie", but it didn't work.

Perhaps what I read about testSpec was wrong. I'll give a try with two

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Vishal,

first: typically there is no need to set any cookies explicitely.
this is all done under the hood. whatever the server sends as a cookie,
Canoo WebTest will send it back.
second: you tried to set the "Set-Cookie" header in an http request,
but "Set-Cookie" is only used in http resonse headers, i.e. what the
server sends to the client (browser). For setting a request header
(pretending the server sent a "Set-Cookie" before), you need to
send the "Cookie" header.


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> Hi,
> Can someone please help me to set a cookie in the config (SampleTest.xml)
> xml file ?
> I tried the following but it is not working
> <config
>    host="myhost.mydomian.com"
>    port="80"
>    protocol="http">
>    <header name="Set-Cookie" value="cookieuser=vishal;" /> </config>
> I searched the mail archives, but couldn't find an answer to it.
> Is there a good tutorial link for canoo other than what is there under
> http://webtest.canoo.com/manual/ ?
> Thanks
> Vishal
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