[Webtest] Re: Alias of "site?var1=val1&var2=val2"

Vishal Augustine webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 6 Aug 2004 15:27:01 +0530


I did not type the whole HTML page. I admit it is not perfect. Wanted to
highlight the variables. So just listed the relevant portions.

If there is someway in which typing all those values in the url can be
bypassed, it would be great and "user-friendly". I mean .. something just
like how a user would feed the values in a html page. They hardly know what
all variables are getting set behind the scene. I had to set more than 34
values. Out of which 30 were having the default values. If webtest has the
feature to parse the html and send those default values without the user
explicitly setting them, it would be really really wonderful.

Similarly, having the ability to share cookies across various testSpecs
would be great.

I am totally new to this. So please excuse my ignorance on this field.


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Hi Vishal,

Do you want to start your test sequence directly with this request without
having before a "start form" to fill?


Vishal Augustine wrote:
> Hi
> ...
> <INPUT NAME='rpg' TYPE='hidden' VALUE='main'>
> <INPUT NAME='RecName' TYPE='hidden' VALUE='qry'>
> <INPUT NAME='qry_routing' TYPE='hidden' VALUE='TFMC'>
> <INPUT NAME='qry_error' TYPE='hidden' VALUE=''
> ...
> For the html given above, I can get a response from the server using
> webtest as given below
> ....
> <invoke
>            stepid="get Details"

> />
> ...
> Is there some other way to set the rpg, RecName, qry_routing and
> values ? I mean something like "setinputfield" ?
> Thanks
> Vishal
> +

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