[Webtest] How to handle multiple Links with ClickLink?

Andre Heilmann webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 06 Aug 2004 15:21:46 +0200

Hello everybody,

There are two Links:
<a href="catapult/Login/setModus?loginModus=ic&forward=registration">Registrierung</a>
<a href="catapult/Login/setModus?loginModus=ez&forward=registration">Registrierung</a>

I want to follow the second Link with <clicklink> but this won't work because it 
follows the first one. The Parameters are different so how
can i handle it? Both Links are for different registration.

My code:
  stepid="Link Registrierung folgen"
href="catapult/Login/setModus?loginModus=ez&amp;forward=registration" />

Unfortunately the serverresponce is like following the first Link.

Thanks for help