[Webtest] Problem with new_setcheckbox

Lisa Crispin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 06 Aug 2004 15:33:41 +0000

I'm trying to use the new_setxxx stuff so I won't be caught short when they are made the default.  Also they seem to work better in general.  But I'm having a problem with the new_setcheckbox.  

Here's the WebTest script code; I'm capturing a check number and then trying to check a setbox with that check number.
	<storeregex stepid="get check number to select"
		text=".*input name=&quot;check([0-9]+)&quot;"
	<new_setcheckbox stepid="check the checkbox for the check"
		value="#{checkNbr}" />

Here is the HTML:
<input name="check36789" type="checkbox" class="control" value="36789"></span></td>

Here is the error message I get.  It works fine with the old setcheckbox. 

I thought maybe I could just leave off the value parm, but when I do that, it doesn't select the check (it passes, but no check is really selected).  

Unexpected exception caught: com.meterware.httpunit.FormParameter$UnusedParameterValueException: Attempted to assign to parameter 'check36789' the extraneous value '#{checkNbr}'.