[Webtest] Re: How to handle multiple Links with ClickLink?

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I believe that if the links have different parameters then you can
specify the distinct part of the url in href attribute.
Example <clicklink label=3D"Registrierung" href=3D"loginModus=3Dez"/> to =
the second one. Another way will be extract the url with <storexpath>
and <storeregex> and use <invoke> to get the page.=20

I don't know about others but it's not likely that I can have people
start updating immense work of html pages so that I can test better
though I will try to ask them to follow the standard better.=20

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for the future it would be the best. In most of our tags we have id's
which were automaticly generated but not on this site cause there are
only links on it.

Thanks for the fast help

> can you change the html code? If positive, then give your links an id=20
> and you will never have to care anymore on the labels or urls, just on

> the functionality of the links.
> <a =
> id=3D"linkRegisterA">Registrierung</a>
> <a =
> id=3D"linkRegisterB">Registrierung</a>
> <clicklink
>   stepid=3D"Link Registrierung folgen"
>   htmlid=3D"linkRegisterB"
> />
> Marc.
> Andre Heilmann wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> There are two Links:
>> <a
>> =
>> istrierung</a>
>> <a
>> =
>> istrierung</a>
>> I want to follow the second Link with <clicklink> but this won't work

>> because it follows the first one. The Parameters are different so how

>> can i handle it? Both Links are for different registration.
>> My code:
>> <clicklink
>>  stepid=3D"Link Registrierung folgen"
>>  label=3D"Registrierung"
>> =

>> />
>> Unfortunately the serverresponce is like following the first Link.
>> Thanks for help
>> Andre
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