[Webtest] ImportNamedProperty and ExportNamedProperty steps added to community web site

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:42:57 +1000

I have added some additional custom steps to the community web site:


They complement the existing ExportProperty and StoreDynamicPropertyStep 
steps. I would like to propose renaming StoreDynamicPropertyStep to 
ImportProperty. I would then like to merge ImportNamedProperty with 
ImportProperty and ExportNamedProperty with ExportProperty. As I didn't 
author StoreDynamicPropertyStep or ExportProperty I didn't want to 
modify them but if the relevant folks are happy with the change, I am 
happy to do the merging.

Here are usage summaries of the existing and contributed steps (with the 
rename mentioned above in place):

<exportProperty name="ant_name" value="webtest_expression" />
<exportNamedProperty to="ant_name" from="dyn_name" />
<importProperty name="dyn_name" value="ant_expression" />
<importNamedProperty to="dyn_name" from="ant_name" />

If people are happy with the merging proposal, this would become just 
two steps with two alternative usage scenarios:

<exportProperty name="ant_name" value="webtest_expression" />
<exportProperty name="ant_name" fromname="dyn_name" />
<importProperty name="dyn_name" value="ant_expression" />
<importProperty name="dyn_name" fromname="ant_name" />

Or perhaps there is an even better way to get this functionality or 
better names to use.

Just a quick explanatory note to explain the differences using the 
importProperty as an example:

Use case 1:
<importProperty name="dyn_name" value="ant_expression" />
The ant_expression is expanded when the ant task is invoked and the 
expanded value becomes the value of the webtest dyn_name property.

User case 2:
<importProperty name="dyn_name" fromname="ant_name" />
The ant_name value can be a webtest dynamic variable but must eventually 
equate to an ANT property name. This name is looked up as the step is 
running which allows access to an ANT variable that has been set during 
a test run (and other scenarios involving tricks to change ANT 
properties on the fly).

Perhaps people can look at the ScriptTest example if they want to see more.

Cheers, Paul.