[Webtest] ScriptStep custom task added to Community Site

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Sat, 14 Aug 2004 16:04:35 +1000

Minor changes uploaded:
+ jar file contained java source not class file (after telling Lisa how 
easy it was to get the steps running!!)
+ now doesn't include script in xml output if it comes from a file
+ pre-defined three additional JavaScript variables: conversation, 
response, document
+ added an example showing use of pre-defined variables

Paul King wrote:
> http://webtest-community.canoo.com/wiki/space/ScriptStep
>  From the description:
> This custom step provides a wrapper around the ANT script task which 
> makes it easier to invoke scripting and make use of it within your 
> steps. Before providing the supplied script to the ANT script task, 
> scriptStep expands any webtest dynamic properties. Results from running 
> the script can be made available for subsequent steps to use.
> The ANT script task is powered by the Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) 
> which supports languages such as Javascript, Jython, Tcl, NetRexx, XSLT 
> Stylesheets, Java, Ruby, Groovy, ObjectScript and others. Note: You need 
> to copy additional JARs into your environment depending on the languages 
> you wish to use. See ANT and BSF documentation for details.