[Webtest] DialogSteps uploaded to community web site

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 15:39:54 +1000


VerifyDialogText and SetConfirmDialogDefaults

These custom steps allow verifying alert dialog text and working with 
and checking user confirm dialog text. The VerifyDialogText step 
supercedes the VerifyAlertText step adding support for confirm
dialogs as well as alert dialogs.


<!-- type="alert" is the default and could be left out, also
      keep parameter says don't remove popups once checked -->
<verifyDialogText stepid="check for any alert(s)"
   type="alert" regex="true" text=".*" keep="true" />

<!-- check for confirm dialog box -->
<verifyDialogText stepid="check for any confirm"
   type="confirm" regex="true" text=".*" />

<!-- keep/remember last confirm text for later checking
      and set upcoming confirms to fail -->
<setConfirmDialogDefaults keeptext="true" response="false"
   stepid="set confirm defaults to mimic user cancel" />

<!-- set upcoming confirms to true -->
<setConfirmDialogDefaults keeptext="false" response="true"
   stepid="set confirm defaults to mimic user cancel" />

Cheers, Paul.