[Webtest] new custom step storeDigest added to community site

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 15:46:32 +1000


StoreDigest description:

This step stores a message digest for a page (or table cell). This is 
useful for detecting changes or corruption to a page (table cell) and is 
intended for use with information that rarely changes. For pages which 
change rarely, simply determine the digest using this step and compare 
it (using the VerifyProperty step) with a pre-determined value. In many 
cases, pages will contain dynamic data and a statically pre-determined 
value would not be useful. However, even on such pages, sections of the 
page may be static. If they are in table cells, a table locator can be 
used to identify the cell of interest.

It can also be used in load testing scenarios by storing the digest 
initially and comparing the stored digest with the digest for subsequent 
calls in a repeat loop.

Note: There is no easy way provided with this tool to pre-calculate the 
desired digest values. A suggestion is to compare the calculated digest 
with a dummy value. The correct value will then be shown in the error 
message and can be added to the test. The MaxQ robot supports 
automatically calculating digests and it is hoped that perhaps other 
tools/robots may also support this in the future.


     <storeDigest stepid="get MD5 checksum for page"
        property="pagedigest2" type="MD5" />

     <storeDigest stepid="get checksum for table"
        property="tabledigest" >
        <table row="0" column="0" id="myTable"/>