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Lisa Crispin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 19:44:24 +0000

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Shoot, it must be really easy but I cannot get it to work.

My basepath must be nothing, because my application doesn't have a base path.  The home page URL is localhost:80/control.jsp.  If I set the proxy settings to localhost, port 8088, I can't access my application at all, I get page not found.  If I click the box that says bypass proxy server for local connections, my app works, but Click-o-Mat doesn't record anything.  

It's not a big deal for me, I don't really need Click-o-Mat, I just wanted to try it.  It must be obvious to everyone else how to get it to work.  I've never used the proxy settings, so maybe there is just some obvious thing that I don't get about it.

I have Click-o-mat running.  I bring up a browser window, I configure the proxy to be localhost, 8088.  I click to start recording.  I click something in the browser.  Nothing happens back in Click-o-mat.  (And this is only when I have clicked to bypass proxy server for local connections, which makes no sense but that's the only way I can make my app work).

So much for being an 'early adopter'!  ;->

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By default, Click-O-Mat is listening at localhost, port 8088.  Try with this as proxy port.
It is no related with your server or the server you want to test.

Your browser <-------(localhost:8088)-> Proxy (Click-O-Matt) <-------(localhost:80)-> The server you want to test

The steps you should follow (it works for me)
1. Configure your browser proxy (host=localhost, port=8080)
2. Click record
3. Go to the url you want to test
4. Click stop and save if desired


Lisa Crispin wrote:

This is a great idea.  Unfortunately, I don't understand how to get the recording working.  What exactly do you put for the basepath?  I've never used proxy settings so I'm not sure what to put there.  I tried putting localhost and port 80 since that's where my server is running, but I got an unrecoverable error.  Do you click record, then bring up a browser and fill out the proxy settings, then record the steps?

What would you put in the settings, for example, to record a Google search?

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I'm happy to announce the alpha version of the new 
Click-O-Mat, a recording tool for Canoo WebTest. 

You can alpha-test the current version under 

The current version allows to click through your 
web-application under test while the Click-O-Mat 
recognizes what links you clicked or what form you 
filled and submitted. 

The tool creates a proper Canoo WebTest from your actions 
that can be saved for later execution as an ordinary test. 

* recognizes basic link and form actions 
* constructs proper "locators" 
* init/start/pause/resume/stop/save livecycle 
* configurable defaults and templates 
* works through https ! 
* i18n support (currently english and german) 
* extensive logging when needed 

This is a starting point and lots of important 
functionality is to be added. 

I'm happy about any kind of feedback. 

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WebTest mailing list

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