[Webtest] Browser Recording Tool - Proxy settings

Ji Kim webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 13:25:24 -0700

I am also having trouble getting started. My application/web server is
not local and I am using a Firefox (my default browser) on Window XP
connected to internet via LAN without a proxy server.=20

When I start the tool, it says Not ready, initializing for a session w/o
ever changing. But if I click on New session button, it says it's
recording. But nothing happens to the recording tool as I am clicking
away on the browser. I tried browsing with IE. Nothing happens. I
changed the browser setting to use proxy server (localhost, 8088) then
the recording tool works records <invoke> but I can't get the page on
the browser.=20

I'm pretty sure that this has nothing to do with the tool but my
ignorance in the network setting. But any help will be appreciated.


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Hi Lisa,

> My basepath must be nothing, because my application doesn't have a=20
> base path.  The home page URL is localhost:80/control.jsp.

Make sure that basepath ist really empty and doesn't contain e.g. a

> If
> I set the proxy settings to localhost, port 8088, I can't access my=20
> application at all, I get page not found.

This is a good sign :-) At least the proxy is used now.

> If I click the box
> that says bypass proxy server for local connections, my app works, but

> Click-o-Mat doesn't record anything.

You must select the checkbox such that local connections are _not_

What browser are you using?
What is your operating system?
Did you see output on the console window? What was it?

Are you behind a corporate firewall?

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