[Webtest] Browser Recording Tool - Proxy settings

Dierk Koenig webtest@lists.canoo.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 23:00:44 +0200


thanx a lot for your patience...

> > Did you see output on the console window? What was it? 

ok, it seems the basic installation is ok.
Beside the GUI textarea, there also is a console window titled
It contains some log output. What does it say?

> > Are you behind a corporate firewall? 
> Well, of course we have a firewall, but I'm trying to access 
> something local, on my own machine.  Why would a firewall affect it?  

This is just to know what we can try next to rope the bug.
We cannot try to capture an internet application (like google) because the
Click-O-Mat proxy cannot go to the internet if you have an additional

Beside your local server, is there any other web application in your
intranet that you can see in your browser (with proxy disabled)?