[Webtest] Community site upload: Patch for Maxq recorder to generate webtest steps

Paul King webtest@lists.canoo.com
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 18:26:57 +1000

Given the progress being made to Click-O-Mat, the following patch
will not likely be progressed unless there is interest. It may
prove useful for people wanting to add features to Click-O-Mat,
or for those who already use Maxq, or for those where Click-O-Mat
proves unsuitable. The code isn't tested as much as I would like
but is released here as it may help speed up the realise of
additional features to click-o-mat. The design of a recording tool
for webtest based around Maxq isn't ideal. I can see why the
Click-O-Mat authors went down a different path. :-)

My ideal recording tool would be an extension to Firefox which
would allow recording similar to this patch but would be able to
provide much smarter detection of what the user is doing rather
than trying to guess and would allow assert/verify steps to
be added through a GUI interface (similar to how abbot does this
for Java GUIs).

Cheers, Paul.


Upload site:


Patch Description:

This upload is a patched version of the Maxq (http://maxq.tigris.org) 
which generates webtest steps in recorder mode.


Acts as a proxy recorder (much the same as Click-O-Mat) with the ability 
to start/pause/stop test recordings and save them as local xml ant build 

Tries hard to generate clickbutton and clicklink steps when possible 
with form locators by looking at the previous response but reverts to 
invoke in tricky cases. Also, tries to only set form fields for inputs 
which have changed.

Tries to autogenerate simplistic tests:

     * verify title if found
     * verify response code
     * verify content-type
     * verify content-length
     * verify digest

You will want to delete steps which are not important for your site, 
e.g. if you have dynamic content, content-length and digest are not 
going to help.

You will need to install some of the custom steps for many of these 
tests (or you can simply delete those steps). The config that is 
generated will likely need hand editing to run.

See the maxq documentation for using filters to ignore particular pages 
and other features (e.g. turning on debug mode).