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Lisa Crispin webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 13:55:07 +0000

We are able to do this with CruiseControl.  The CruiseControl email shows the results of each test, and has a link to the Build Artifacts, where you can see all the results including the formatted result file.  We have it set up so that the build fails if a WebTest test fails. I posted how we do this awhile back, if you can't find it on the archive, let me know and I'll ask the guy who did it to tell me again (I've lost my notes!)
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> Hi, 
> is there a way to notify by mail that a testSpec has failed? 
> I found 2 ways of doing that neither one is good enough ..: 
> set haltonfailure and haltonerror on true, use a ant listener i.e. 
> org.apache.tools.ant.listener.MailLogger and set the 
> MailLogger.failure.to=address1 and MailLogger.success.to=address2 or 
> even turn of the success notifier .. but then if it fails I will get 
> the email but webtest wont produce the report 
> integrate with cruisecontroll and notify via it's mailer but then I 
> think I have the same problem as in method 1 ... 
> any comments on this ? 
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