[Webtest] mail notify

Parker, Michael webtest@lists.canoo.com
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 16:13:38 +0200

lisa.crispin@att.net wrote:
> We are able to do this with CruiseControl.  The CruiseControl email
> shows the results of each test, and has a link to the Build
> Artifacts, where you can see all the results including the formatted
> result file.  We have it set up so that the build fails if a WebTest
> test fails. I posted how we do this awhile back, if you can't find it
> on the archive, let me know and I'll ask the guy who did it to tell
> me again (I've lost my notes!)      
> -- Lisa

Hi Lisa,

I'm also very interested to learn of your solution.

We simply have always a success-Email like this (webtests are a independent
projects which are  triggerd by "wget on the jmx-url of cruisecontrol")

View results here -> http://...?log=log20040825153923Lbuild.788
BUILD COMPLETE -  build.788 
Date of build: 08/25/2004 15:39:23 
Time to build: 6 minutes 0 seconds 

 Unit Tests: (0)  
No Tests Run  
This project doesn't have any tests  


 Web Tests: (18)  Steps: (275)  
Web Tests: 18 
Failures: 11 
Errors: 0 

On the webtest-projekt page there is an extra register-page for the
web-results an a link to the original TestResultsOverview.html.


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